October 21, 2012

A Hike to Mount Agad Agad

Mount Agad Agad is a mountain located in the vicinity of Iligan City. It has an elevation estimated at 1,600 feet above sea level. The peak can be reach 2-3 hours for an average hiker. At the view deck, when the sky is clear, you can afford to see the neighboring giants Mount Malindang at the west and Mount Inayawan in the southwest. I doubt the Kitanglad Mountain Range is possible to be viewed from the area.

Mt. Agad-Agad
Iligan City at night as viewed from Mt. Agad Agad

A small waterfall and a lagoon is featured along the way up to the top. The mountain is frequently visited during the month of January to May. It is very accessible since it is located just a few kilometers from the city proper. Mt. Agad Agad is a prominent sight within the city of Iligan that also attests that it is the highest mountain in the vicinity.

Care takers of Mt. Agad Agad developed the area and provide more space for camp sites to accommodate the growing numbers of hikers that visits the mountain. They only collect Php 5.00 each person as an entrance fee.

Civet Cat captured by residents along the trail of Mt. Agad Agad

In the middle of the trail you can have a good grasp of the wonderful green lush vegetation that surrounds the mountain. Some said that rare animals’ species such as civet cat and large bat are occasionally found along the trail.

agad agad
Flickr photo by kakurt
Upon reaching the view deck.
Iligan City as viewed from the trail up to Mt. Agad  Agad
Starting point

Night time is the best opportunity to watch the entire city of Iligan glittering by its street lights. Shooting stars are visible during the dawn when graced by the clear sky. Also one of the must-seen is the Iligan Bay to the north and Panguil Bay far to the west. It is best viewed in the morning as sunlight beams stare towards the crystal waves.

Mt. Agad Agad is the best and safest place for low budget day hikes and overnight campings. Solo hike is also possible since the trails are accessible and safe even to beginners. Overall, Mount Agad Agad is a good playground for adventurous individuals and a like.


  1. I missed this place. :) Is the store still there at the view deck?

    1. Yes it's still there until now, they also serve hot coffee early in the morning.

      Thanks for dropping!

  2. It's really a nice playground for trekkers.

  3. malapit lang to sa amin sa luinab ah
    got to go there sometime

  4. looking forward to this..
    since I will be in the city for a while.. :D

  5. Ok lang po ba siyang akyatin kahit may hypertension ka pero wala naman heart disease? Thanks.



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