February 20, 2013

Mount Malindang - The Precious Gift to Misamis Occidental

It lies tranquilly in the province of Misamis Occidental, Mount Malindang is a National Park and a home of a unique flora and fauna of Misamis Occidental and the neighboring provinces of Zamboanga Peninsula. It has an elevation of 7,887 feet making it as the highest peak of the entire Zamboanga Peninsula.

The beautiful Mt. Malindang
Mt. Malindang as viewed from Ozamiz
The range as viewed from Tubod, Lanao del Norte
Mount Malindang Range is a prominent feature throughout the entire province and even to the neighboring provinces of Lanao del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur, Zamboanga del Norte and even as far as the highlands of Bukidnon. It is also included at the top 30 highest mountains in the Philippines. The mountain range is separated by various deep ravines and gorges making its landscape very rugged and the thickly forested ridges and slopes covered with striking picture.

Mt. Malindang as viewed from Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte
The area features a crater lake, rainforest, pine and mossy forests, several river systems, streams and numerous creeks. Mount Malindang is a real gift as it provides potable water for domestic, agricultural and other uses to more than 1 million populaces of Misamis Occidental and the eastern parts of Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga del Sur.

Satellite view of Misamis Occidental with Mt. Malindang in greener shade
One of the most visited areas within the mountain range is the said ancient crater lake of Lake Duminagat and the beautiful scenery of Brgy. Hoyohoy, which is part of Tangub City. It is now became a tourist attraction and named Hoyohoy Highland Park which houses the best outdoor activities in the province. Hoyohoy’s zip-line is considered the deepest, highest and longest zip-line in Asia.

Mt. Malindang and the surrounding landscapes 
The mountain range is a haven to an abundant and distinctive biodiversity that is yet waiting to be explored. Some of the area that surrounds the mountain range is unexplored, it is a home to some of the endangered species in the Philippines, and it includes the famous:

-Asian Palm Civet Cat (locally known as Milo)
-Water Monitor Lizard (locally known as Halu)
-Philippines Eagle
-Flying Lemur (locally known as Kagwang)
-Wild Boar (locally known as Baboy Sulop)

Rumors still exist about the sightings of a giant species of monkeys deep in the jungle. Philippine Eagles is also a visible feature roaming in the low areas of Brgy. Guimad and Brgy. Hoyohoy. 

The mountain as seen from the barge
Mountaineers over the protected zone of Mt. Malindang
Sunrise over Brgy. Hoyohoy  with Mt. Torong Torong far right
Guimad - one of the ridges of the mountain range
A chapel at the foothills of Mt. Malindang
Hoyohoy zip-line platforms
Sunset over Mt. Malindang Range as viewed from Iligan City
Mt. Malindang Range as viewed from one of the peaks of Bukidnon
There are several mountaineering and trekking activities held in the area and the most renowned is the annual Freedom Climb conducted every June to July. Mountaineers all over the country gather and exploit the verdant beauty the mountain can offer, strictly through their eyes only.

Mount Malindang Range is one of the exquisite gifts of the Misamisnon and the Philippines as a country. It is comparable to a glittering jewel; it must be preserved and cared for in its original grandeur.

Ozamiz City is the preeminent entry point and can be reached by flights from various cities of the Philippines, mainly via Manila and Cebu or by bus from Pagadian City and Cagayan de Oro via Iligan City. Also ferries from Cebu have a regular trip, usually 3-6 trips a week.


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    i love the chapel at the foothills. nice shots ha... sama naman ako sa inyo minsan...

    1. Hi Senyor Iskwater, I'm glad you like it. I hope you can visit the spot soon.

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  3. i hope one day makaakyat din ako ng bundok..

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  4. wow! amazing pics!
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  6. Seriously. I fell in love sa blog mo because of your first picture. What was that! I'm really for my self not taking the offer of my friend to travel in Zamboanga this year di sana nakita ko na to.. |:(

    Hope you can feature more abt the place - Misamis Occidental. Di ko know ganyan din kaganda jan.

    At para bang ang haba ng zipline..pede ka pa ba makabalik sa kabila ulet?

    Thanks sa visit sa blog ko.

  7. @June: Hope you can actually visit the place, for the zipline there is a line going back to the main platform.

    Thanks for dropping by...

  8. Mt. Malindang Range Natural Park (MMRNP) has been declared as an ASEAN Heritage Park. It's the fourth AHP in the Philippines and 30th in Southeast Asia. For more info about MMRNP, you can visit http://mt.malindang.mu.edu.ph

    There's a lot more to discover in this wonderful place! :)

  9. I hope you could also feature the different ecotourism spots inside the mountain range. The waterfalls and the hotsprings. Thank you.. :)

  10. @ GrAcIa:

    Hopefully soon, thank you for the suggestions.

  11. This mountain looks very interesting. I should climb this mountain in the future.

  12. @Ivan: Thanks for the dropping by Ivan. I hope you can also add Mt. Malindang on your list.


  13. Hi there,
    We would like to visit Mt. Malindang. Who can i contact regarding trail or any arrangement? Is there any travel tour?

  14. Hi there
    We are interested to visit Mt. Malindang but not sure what's the process. Is there any tour agency to contact or trail to follow? How far or how many days is trail to reach to the top?

  15. Hi Kim, at the moment.. there is no travel tour or agency that can take you to Mt. Malindang, but I can recommend a person who can guide you there. Marky Santos from CAT-MAMA. A mountaineering club from Ozamiz City, you can contact him through his FB account. https://www.facebook.com/marky.santos

  16. Just had a 2day vacation in Misamis Occidental. A friend invited us. Been to Hoyohoy zip. I was able to try the adventure. Yes it is the longest and highest zipline! Though its not scary dahil hndi mablis, pantay lng kc ang bundok. The most thrilling part? It was the off road trip via four wheel going back to the top of the hill! Halos mawalan ako ng boses kakatawa dahil iba ang pakiramdam at dhl sa nerbyos! Hehe it was fun!
    Estimated travel time from Tangub Proper going up to the hill is around 15mins. Nadaanan namin ang entrance to Mt Malindang Park.

    From Ozamiz we travelled to Dakak, almost 3hours! Walang traffic! Maganda ang kalsada. Fruity smell as we travel. Durian, Marang, Jackfruit, Rambutan and coconut all over the place! If you are a nature lover, you will definitely love the place! And since I am, I will surely go back!

  17. Proud to be missamisnon. Na curious lang ako kac i just watch a local channel and kinanta yong kanta na malindang so i thought
    to myself i need to reseach about malindang. And then lumabas tong blog nato. And as i see the pictures sabi k sa sarili ko wow... something to be proud of

  18. Is it possible to hike all way to the highest peak of Malintang?



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