January 24, 2013

The Mystery Behind Mount Ragang

After reading a quite amount of sources about this mountain, my fascination about Mt. Ragang grows deeper. This beautiful mountain is also known as Mt. Piapayungan or the Blue Mountain by the local people of Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao and some parts of North Cotabato. 

The "Sleeping Lady" Mt. Ragang
Mt. Ragang as the Sleeping Lady of Lanao with Mt. Makaturing far right.
It lies abundantly in what they call the Piapayungan Mountain Range of Lanao del Sur. The mountain soars above the sky with an enormous elevation of 2,815 m (9,236 ft) making the seventh highest mountain in the Philippines. It is also the only mountain in the list of the top ten highest which has less records. The only existing and solid evidence or record that the mountain has been summitted was recorded by Gideon Lasco of Pinoymountaineer.com. He narrated their journey on this blog post, Successful ascent of Mt. Ragang and Mt. Ragang - Images of Mindanao's Most Elusive Peak.

Mt. Ragang as viewed from MSU Marawi
Some locals of Marawi especially the students of MSU-Marawi dubbed the mountain as the "Sleeping Lady" as it looks like a body of a lying woman when viewed from the school campus of MSU.

Piapayungan Range as seen from Mt. Malindang
Mt. Ragang as viewed from Mt. Maagnaw (Photo By Gideon Lasco)
Mt. Makaturing Range as viewed from Mt. Kibataay (Photo from Team T-REX)

Mt. Ragang is also considered the most active volcano in Mindanao, and is part of a string of volcanoes in what volcanologists called the Central Mindanao Arc. The record of eruption is also unclear with the last one occurring in July 1916. But other records attributed the eruptions to the neighboring volcano called Makaturing.

The Piapayungan Range as viewed from Mt. Kibataay (Photo from Team T-REX)

Mt. Inayawan Range as viewed from Mt. Kibataay (Photo from Team T-REX)

The mountain can also be sighted by mountaineers as far from neighboring mountain ranges Malindang of Misamis Occidental and Kitanglad of Bukidnon. One time when doing a hike up to Mount Agad Agad, I by mistake thought Mount Inayawan of Lanao del Norte as Mount Ragang.

Mountaineers are dreaming about this mountain that someday or sooner it will open to the public. Unfortunately, due to security reasons, authorities were not allowed to issue an entry permit, especially for hiking and trekking activities. Speculations and even locals said that the mountain is also a rebel’s nest. Until these days, rumors still surrounds the mountain leaving avid mountain enthusiast hopeless.

Someday I hope things happen like what the local government did to Mt. Inayawan of Lanao del Norte. Assuring the safety of the area and promoted the mountain to the outdoor enthusiast who are eager to explore places like Mount Ragang. But one thing is certain and that is Mt. Ragang will last more conflicts than humans could create. I still hope that someday I can trek up to the unknown flora and fauna of this once mysterious landscape.

Update: April 10, 2013

The mountain was successfully climb by Gideon Lasco's group last April 1-5, 2013. Read more about their successful ascent on his blog.


  1. wow!!!! i thought you went there! i had "offers" before from military friends but i wouldn't risk my life. lol.

  2. Not yet! Hopefully soon when arm conflicts in the area totally subsides, but until now I believed it is still to risky to go there since the area are still occupied by militants.

    Hopefully sooner!!!

  3. I saw the mountain once I visited Marawi City. Truly spectacular!

  4. Amazing Mount Ragang. I have also written a blog post about this mountain. I used one of your images and provided a link pointing this blog. :)

  5. The nostalgia is rushing back through me... sitting down on the golf course while studying is one the young memories that will be cherish.. oh how I miss my alma mater..

  6. Hi Guys,
    If anyone you knew, yours friends, or old buddies want to climb this, please let me know for i will also join. It's included in my bucket list next year :)

    thanks guys!

  7. Really?...The Mt Ragang, it was successfully ascent?..I dont beleive it!..I am local resident in Wao, Lanao del Sur. there is no trail coming up to the Summit. Dr. Lasco, I know that they try to attempt it twice. I know that they are not reaching the summit. My cousin is one of there guide. Evendo the local hunter was not yet reach the Summit of Blue Mountain.



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