This blog simply aims to promote the less known yet beautiful places of Mindanao and hopefully promote the wonders within the frontier of the country.

It mainly focuses on rough terrains such as mountains, body of water such as waterfalls, rivers, lakes and seas.

The Author

I am Elgart Calago

All I am ranting here are all related to my hobby - which is HIKING. I love to talked about my experiences both in the trail and the outdoors generally. I worked as an Internet Marketing Specialist and I also love the outdoors. I consider the outdoors as a fitness essential and a collections in life. I recognize it as a precious collections and achievements that cannot be stolen nor lost.

I climbed mountains as a past time and I would like to make it a full-time someday after retiring, but that's yet too far from now.


  1. Awesome blogsite! I appreciate blogs like these. It makes me realize more that Philippines has truly wonderful places. I hope that preservation of these natural wonders will continue. Keep sharing and thanks for dropping by in my site. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Ms. Ruby! I have made this blogsite just to provide pure and new information.

    Thank you for your support!

  3. I love your photos - really makes me want to visit the Philippines!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I am always searching for new adventures. Keep up the great work.

  5. Thank you for following Seekers Portal!

    I love your travel photos. They're awesome! :-)

  6. good job on highlighting the roads less taken in Mindanao. :)

  7. I am happy I came across this blog. So far, I've only climbed one mountain in Mindanao: the majestic Mt. Apo. By this month's end, I would have climbed Mts. Dulang-Dulang and Kitanglad as well. These three are very well known mountains. It's rare to see blog posts about the lesser known ones. I am counting on this blog to guide me once I get to the pursuit of the lesser known summits in the south. Thank you very much for sharing all about your adventures and I hope to one day see you on the trail. Saludo! :)



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