May 20, 2014

Mt. Kitanglad - Mt. Dulang-dulang Traverse | Dubbed as K2D

Mt. Kitanglad - Mt. Dulang-dulang climb was one of my dream climbs. I never imagined that this strenuous traverse came to be realized. Since I enter the mountaineering sports in 2005, this beautiful mountains already fascinated me. I consider K2D as one of the best climbs in the Philippines.

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My advice to those who wants to do the K2D or D2K traverse is, you should have 100% physical and mental preparedness and at least 1 week of training. There are some parts of the trail that has almost 90 degree rope segments. There are also some parts of the trail that you'll passed and hanged on a cliff were you only depend on the roots of the trees.

I would like to thanks to our Habagat CDO and Habagat Davao friends for making this climb possible.

Starting point - Sitio Intavas, La Fortuna, Impasug-ong, Bukidnon
The main jump-off point up to Mt. Kitanglad
One of the beautiful point way up to the summit of Mt. Kitanglad
At the summit of the 4th highest mountain of the Philippines - Mt. Kitanglad
The summit and the huge towers and transmitters of Mt. Kitanglad
Mt. Dulang-dulang as viewed from the summit of Mt. Kitanglad
The Traverse - on the way to D2
The 50 meters curve drop - Rope segments
Way down to the almost 10 foot cogon trails
The midpoint of the traverse - group pictorial
Sumagaya - Mangabon Range as viewed from the midpoint trail
The mossy trail way up to D2
The amazing mossy branches
The pretty trees at the foot of D2
Rest stop - Lunch on trail 
Some branch climbing skills applied
The enchanting point way up to D2
At last - at the summit of the 2nd highest peak of the Philippines
We've gone that far - Mt. Kitanglad summit viewed from D2 summit
Weeeww! What a view! Can't imagine I've survived
Down to the magical Manny's Garden

February 6, 2014

The Relaxing Scenery of Mt. Kanayaw and Nangan-Nangan Falls

Mount Kanayaw is a part of a range of mountain in Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur. It has an elevation of 3,227 ft / 982.98 MASL. As a part of the 8th Pasalamat Mountain Festival (January 25-26, 2014) – A yearly climb hosted by a mountainering club in Pagadian City, PAPA (Pundok sa Aktibong Pagadianong Adventurero). During the event we have exploited the beauty of Mount Kanayaw and Nangan-nangan Falls, strictly to our eyes only.

We've boarded a dump-truck for 2 hours to reach Lison Valley, a valley as beautiful as paradise. The funny part was on the way up to Lison Valley, half of our strength and energy was already depleted by the terrifying dump-truck ride. But it’s all worth it, the beauty of the mountain way up was so majestic and breathtaking. Honestly, I never expected to see such a beauty and self-fulfillment on this climb.

We started our trek at 2:30 and reach the peak of Mout Kanayaw at exactly 5:30 PM. We have all the chance to see the amazing sunset over Sibuguey Bay and beautiful Wood Lake of Lakewood.

I really want to extend my endless thanks to the host for the successful event and a very warm accommodation, and also to the newly created friendships during this climb.

Upon reaching the summit of Mt. Kanayaw
Summit as viewed from the trail
Way to the summit
Nangan-nangan Falls on my back
The beauty of Mt. Kanayaw
Exploiting the fantastic scenery from the summit
Shots from the trail
Selfie shot...
Nangan-nangan Falls
Lison Valley seen from above
The Majestic Malindang far view
Mt. Pinukis and Mt. Susong Dalaga at the background
Lison Valley
At the summit Mt. Kanayaw

December 20, 2013

19th MMF Mindanao Forum - Mt. Malidang Range

19th MMF Mindanao Forum was held last December 5-7, 2013 at Mt. Malindang Range. The event caters 3 routes from Guimad Peak, Naputol Peak down to Brgy. Tipan tree planting. This event was successfully hosted by CAT-MAMA. (Conquest Adventure Team - Malindang Mountaineering Alliance).

The event was participated by hundreds of mountaineers and hiking enthusiast all over Mindanao and even the Visayas.

See you next year's 20th MMF Mindanao Forum to be held at Mt. Apo and to be hosted by Kibalaug Mountaineers.

Start trekking to Route 1 basecamp
They call this trail as Death Zone - a very long hot open trail
Huge mosquitoes from the trail
The trail way down to Route 1 camp
White flower
Mount Malindang covered with thick clouds
Interesting species from the trail
Malindang Range landscapes and Panguil Bay (far view)
Huge spiders seen from the trail
First party to reach Guimad Peak
To Guimad Peak
Views going to Guimad Peak
Big mosquitoes infested trail
Old logging site
MIT Basecamp
Sunset over Mt. Malindang - Ozamiz port
Route 1 Basecamp pictorial before departure
Route 1 participants
Route 1 participants
Trail to Brgy. Tipan
Route 1 Basecamp - Brgy. Guinggona


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