February 6, 2014

The Relaxing Scenery of Mt. Kanayaw and Nangan-Nangan Falls

Mount Kanayaw is a part of a range of mountain in Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur. It has an elevation of 3,227 ft / 982.98 MASL. As a part of the 8th Pasalamat Mountain Festival (January 25-26, 2014) – A yearly climb hosted by a mountainering club in Pagadian City, PAPA (Pundok sa Aktibong Pagadianong Adventurero). During the event we have exploited the beauty of Mount Kanayaw and Nangan-nangan Falls, strictly to our eyes only.

We've boarded a dump-truck for 2 hours to reach Lison Valley, a valley as beautiful as paradise. The funny part was on the way up to Lison Valley, half of our strength and energy was already depleted by the terrifying dump-truck ride. But it’s all worth it, the beauty of the mountain way up was so majestic and breathtaking. Honestly, I never expected to see such a beauty and self-fulfillment on this climb.

We started our trek at 2:30 and reach the peak of Mout Kanayaw at exactly 5:30 PM. We have all the chance to see the amazing sunset over Sibuguey Bay and beautiful Wood Lake of Lakewood.

I really want to extend my endless thanks to the host for the successful event and a very warm accommodation, and also to the newly created friendships during this climb.

Upon reaching the summit of Mt. Kanayaw
Summit as viewed from the trail
Way to the summit
Nangan-nangan Falls on my back
The beauty of Mt. Kanayaw
Exploiting the fantastic scenery from the summit
Shots from the trail
Selfie shot...
Nangan-nangan Falls
Lison Valley seen from above
The Majestic Malindang far view
Mt. Pinukis and Mt. Susong Dalaga at the background
Lison Valley
At the summit Mt. Kanayaw


  1. yah..nice jd ang place..sakit lng sa dump-track..hahaha..

  2. regards ko nimu ha..?

  3. Dude, it's a wonder why I never lingered in your blog when I checked it before! It's like a chest of priceless gems.
    Thanks for the posts...and thanks for putting lagataw.com on your blog roll.



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