December 20, 2013

19th MMF Mindanao Forum - Mt. Malidang Range

19th MMF Mindanao Forum was held last December 5-7, 2013 at Mt. Malindang Range. The event caters 3 routes from Guimad Peak, Naputol Peak down to Brgy. Tipan tree planting. This event was successfully hosted by CAT-MAMA. (Conquest Adventure Team - Malindang Mountaineering Alliance).

The event was participated by hundreds of mountaineers and hiking enthusiast all over Mindanao and even the Visayas.

See you next year's 20th MMF Mindanao Forum to be held at Mt. Apo and to be hosted by Kibalaug Mountaineers.

Start trekking to Route 1 basecamp
They call this trail as Death Zone - a very long hot open trail
Huge mosquitoes from the trail
The trail way down to Route 1 camp
White flower
Mount Malindang covered with thick clouds
Interesting species from the trail
Malindang Range landscapes and Panguil Bay (far view)
Huge spiders seen from the trail
First party to reach Guimad Peak
To Guimad Peak
Views going to Guimad Peak
Big mosquitoes infested trail
Old logging site
MIT Basecamp
Sunset over Mt. Malindang - Ozamiz port
Route 1 Basecamp pictorial before departure
Route 1 participants
Route 1 participants
Trail to Brgy. Tipan
Route 1 Basecamp - Brgy. Guinggona


  1. Sir I have been rooting for Mt. Malindang for the longest time. Care to share itineraries and local guide contacts? Thank you so much. I might pursue the climb next year. :)

  2. Hi Ma'am, we can contact Kramy Santos for guides and itineraries.

    Here's his FB account

  3. first, great photos. second, great trek. lastly, great experience. haven't tried mountain trekking. i wish i could someday.



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