October 21, 2013

Guiban Falls and Balabag Peak- The Mystical Beauty of Conception

The 18th Malindang Ascent offers the mystical beauty of Mount Balabag and Guiban Falls, situated in the municipality of Conception, Misamis Occidental.

During this event I have all the time and opportunity to exploit the flora and fauna of Mount Balabag and Guiban Falls. Unfortunately, I missed to capture the wild orchids - my camera batteries gone empties.

One of the best features in the area was the hospitality of the Subanen people, one of the most friendly indigenous people I've personally met.

The beautiful Guiban Falls of Conception, Misamis Occidental
My two climbing buddies (L-R Alexis Kho & Neil Ramiro)
Close-up view of Mount Balabag
The shy spider
Little spidy
Orange mosses
Mount Balabag's neighbouring peaks
Butterfly of Mt. Balabag
Guiban Falls
Guiban Falls is a waterfall located in the heart of Brgy. Guiban, Conception, Misamis Occidental. It is estimated to be 25 meters high. The waterfalls is feed by the abundant green lush of Mount Balabag.

Horse tail look a like flora
Mosses and stones
Crystal clear water
Mineral water
Unknown species of beatle approaching on my camera
Black Hawk
The deep ravine
The fauna - the little dragons of Guiban Falls
Little sunflowers
Mount Balabag, Mount Malindang Range
The lonely tree
Purple flora
Easy trail down to Guiban Falls
The road to Brgy. Guiban
Mr. Dennis Leopoldo - pioneering advocates of natural resources of Mindanao
One of the streams that surrounds Guiban Falls
Foothills of Mount Balabag
Enjoying the cool and fresh water
The mystical Guiban Falls
Sunset at Brgy. Guiban, Conception, Misamis Occidental

You can see more pictures here. I would like to thanks Malindang Trekkers for the very successful hosting of the 18th Malindang Ascent.

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  1. looks like I've found my guide to more Mindanao mountains! Nice post sir!



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