November 30, 2012

Tinago Falls - The Hidden Gem of Northern Mindanao

Tinago falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in Iligan, the city of waterfalls. It is renowned after the most famous Maria Christina Falls. Tinago Falls is located in the heart of the deep ravine between Brgy. Ditucalan and the Municipality of Linamon Lanao del Norte. It is one of the most visited tourist destination in the city right after Maria Christina Falls. It has a total height of 73.152 meters (240.0 ft).

Tinago is a Visayan term that means "hidden", the falls being hidden in a deep ravine. Trekking to the falls requires approximately 500 descending steps called the winding staircase.

If you have an adventurous spirit and a very strong guts, you can also reach the falls by foot through river trekking from Linamon. As part of the 
MMF Region X - 1st President's Meeting, river trekking from the delta of Linamon River up to its source to Tinago Falls was one of the most challenging and the most anticipated part of the event. The trek lasted for 5 hours and 30 minutes.
A bamboo raft is tied below on the cascading waterfalls

Doing a trek to the old entrance is also possible. It is located on the Buruun (Iligan side). There is no entrance fee collected but still you'll be paying 25.00 pesos for the life vest.

Going to the river
Ruins of Tinago Falls old entrance - looks like an ancient Mayan ruins
One of the best encounter from the trail

One of the ruins of the previous entrance going down to the falls
The full view of the cascading falls
A bamboo raft going to the cascades

The Legend of Tinago Falls

Legend has it that there once lived an influential and powerful Sultan Agok and his wife. They were appointed by their people as their king and queen. But they became too proud of themselves and became selfish rulers of their kingdom. When the sultan's wife was pregnant, an enchantress, disguised as a beggar, begged for their help but instead they exiled and rejected her. Because of this, the enchantress cursed the couple that the child will become ugly but they did not take it seriously and permanently banished the enchantress.

The child did become ugly. The couple was sad and disappointed, expecting the baby to be as lovely as her mother. They hid the child in a cave to avoid embarrassment and named the baby Tin-ag, which means "hidden face". They visited and took care of the baby in the cave.

When the child grew up, she came out of the cave and became amazed at what she saw. The enchantress, who cursed her parents, saw her and made an offer to transform her into something of great beauty and splendor. She accepted the offer and became the Tinago Falls.

Tinago Falls is located in a deep ravine in Barangay Ditucalan, Iligan City. The falls plunges 240 feet (73 m) high from a cliff. (Source - Wikipedia)

How To Get There:

1) For Iligan (Buruun) Side

It will only cost less than 100 pesos each person, good for one way.

Just take a jeepney to Buruun (just tell the driver you'll drop to Tinago Falls entry point)

City proper to Buruun - (Php 13 - Php 15)
Buruun to Tinago Falls - (Php 40 - Php 50) - Habal-habal ride
Tinago Falls entrance fee (Php 25- Php 30)

2) For Linamon Side

It will only cost less than 100 pesos each person, good for one way.

Just take a jeepney to Linamon (just tell the driver you'll drop to Tinago Falls entry point)

City proper to Linamon - (Php 15 - Php 25)
Linamon to Tinago Falls - (Php 40 - Php 50) - Habal-habal ride
Tinago Falls entrance fee (Php 25- Php 30)

Thanks! Have a pleasant trip!

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  1. The waterfalls was majestic. I will visit this place someday so that I can experience too this one of a kind tourist spot.

    1. Just let me know if you want some additional info on how to get there.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Replies
    1. I really agree! It's truly a hidden paradise.

  3. Saw this beautiful falls from a Star Cinema movie topbilled by Sam Milby and KC Concepcion. Hehe. How far is it from CDO?

    1. Yes it was featured on that movie. It's about 89.9 km (1 hour 20 mins).

      By the way, thanks for dropping by Ryan!

  4. Ang ganda talaga! Sayang ginabi na kami ng dating ng Iligan so hindi namin napuntahan to. But I still look forward to visiting it. :)

  5. Beautiful! I want to visit this place someday.

  6. is there a place to stay in Tinago falls like rooms available?

  7. @ Chamz: As far as I know only food houses are currently available on both entrances of Tinago Falls. To be safe, there's a lot of places to stay in Iligan, just a few kilometers from Tinago Falls.

  8. This is in my bucket list. It looks very beautiful! Hopefully within the next two years I'll be able to visit.

  9. Tinago is really magnificent. If you get to see the actual falls, you will surely say wow!!

  10. Tinago Falls! This is the first waterfall that I have ever visited here in Iligan City! :) So proud to be an Iliganon... :)



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