August 26, 2013

MMF Region X - 1st President's Meeting Images

MMF Region X - 1st President's Meeting & Climb / River Trek / Tree Planting / Outreach Program is an event to unite all mountaineering clubs within Region X and to discuss necessary matters for the improvement of Mindanao Mountaineering as well as how to nurture our mountains.

Date: August 9-11, 2013 (Fri-Sun)
Mt. Agad-Agad / Tinago Falls

Mt. Agad-Agad: (summit - 535m)
Latitude: N 8°12.602' (8°12'36.1")
Longitude: E 124°16.271' (124°16'16.2")
Altitude: 438.90m
Altitude Reference: Sea level
Heading: 78.55 (T)

Team Matador - a.k.a "Paolo Avelino"
Registration at Iligan City Plaza - Meet old friends
The Sweepers Pictorial
Actions pack!!!
Plant a tree...
3 more trees left...
Iligan City as viewed from Mt. Agad Agad
The 1st President's Meeting began
The dawn at Mt. Agad Agad
Feeding - Outreach Program
Pictorial at Mimbalot Falls
Crossing the river
Way up to Tinago Falls
Images Courtesy of: IITM & PAPA Mountaineers


  1. Asa man ka diha mr. trekker trail? :) nice byline sa header hehe

  2. Hi Kai, I'm the one with the white t-shirt and black cap, first picture above. For clearer picture, just see my about page. Btw, thanks for dropping. I'm gonna check your artwork sometime too.



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