May 2, 2013

Kalubihon Hidden Cave and Waterfalls

Aiming to visit the 23 waterfalls of Iligan City. This time we've decided to visit the three renowned waterfalls of Iligan City. It is located in Brgy. Dalipuga, Iligan City. At first, we felt disappointed on what we saw, almost all of the minor waterfalls along the way are washed-out and damaged by the devastating and deadly Typhoon Sendong last December 2011.

First jump is Dalipuga Falls, it is just a small waterfall with and inviting pool which offered us a cool and suiting experience on our way up to the next destinations, Pampam Falls and Kalubihon Falls. We are very unlucky to missed taking pictures on both waterfalls.

The Entrance
For almost two hours of trekking up the stream we reached Kalubihon cave which offered again an inviting crystal clear and fresh ice cold water from Kalubihon Falls, right above the small opening of the cave.

Pampam Falls
Going up to Pampam Falls
Minor waterfalls of Dalipuga
Kalubihon Cave
Touching the void
Into the dangerous waters...

How To Get There:

From Iligan City Proper

It will only cost less than 100 pesos each person, good for one way.

Just take a jeepney bound for Dalipuga (just tell the driver you'll drop to crossing Kalubihon)

City proper to Dalipuga (crossing Kalubihon - (Php 14.00 - Php 16.00)

You might also interested to know about Limunsudan Falls or Tinago Falls.


  1. I'll be in CDO this coming July. I'll definitely try this if my time will permit...

    Thank you for sharing...

  2. @Senyor Iskwater: We'll surely guide you if you'll come. Thanks for dropping by...

  3. Beautiful. I love waterfalls.

  4. Summer themed talaga lahat ng blogs wait to have my own piece of waterfall adventure

  5. parang masarap maligo sa loob ng cave :D

  6. the sixth photo with the caption "into the dangerous water" is it really dangerous? how deep is it?

  7. @ Fevin:

    No, not really, just about 7-8 feet deep.

  8. the water seems so clean.. this is going to be my next summer destination next year ! :)

  9. ang ganda, ah astig... saya mag explore jan

  10. we were there april 7,2014 and the beauty is worth looking for. we will again visit them soon



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